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Founded in April 2019, Onionspot is a non-profit project providing trustworthy information all around the hidden web. Links on our platform have not be taken from third-party websites but directly from the source.
To give our users the best experience on our platform, we are avoiding the run advertisement. Onionspot is being maintained and looked after on a daily basis by its creators.
There’s a lot to explore! Are you ready?

Clearnet Web (4%)
Hidden Web (96%)

Do we value quality? Of course. Our content is updated on a regular basis, eliminiating the outdated and exchanging it with fresh information.

No hooks. Onionspot will never share links or services that could harm users in any way. Quality over anything.




  • Go Live of
  • Research and provide basic content
  • Basic marketing


  • SEO optimization
  • Maintain relationships to similar platforms
  • Basic knowledge base for cryptocurrencies


  • Expanded knowledge base for cryptocurrencies
  • Upgrade server to ensure 99.9% uptime
  • More to come soon


We would very much appreciate a little contribution. Our team has worked hard to get where we currently are. Many long days & nights have been used to create this platform.

Our 2019 ERC-20 Address:

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Clearweb it!

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