May 2013 – Vicurex Hack

Vircurex was a cryptocurrency exchange from China. The project was founded in 2011. Fully commercial organization. The Central office of the company is located in Beijing. The project began to enjoy special popularity not so long ago. First of all, because it offers a fairly wide range of opportunities for clients: cryptocurrency trading (buying/selling orders), binary options, loans, currency exchange and so on.

Vircurex opened for trading in October 2011. It focuses on providing sophisticated trading mechanisms (orders, stoporders, options, loans) for Bitcoins and the most popular alt chains.

A distinctive feature of this exchange is that here you can trade these currencies in any variations of pairs! That is, you can, for example, exchange DOGE for NXT directly, without involving BTC in this process. To do this, simply uncheck the “Show only BTC exchange rates”box in your account settings.


P2P digital currencies supported are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Namecoin
  • Liteoicn
  • Devcoin
  • Geistgeld
  • Solidcoin
  • I0coin
  • Ixcoin
  • Euro
  • US Dollar

Adding / Witdrawing Funds

Adding and withdrawal of funds is fully automated. Managing your coins is similar to any other exchange, generate your own address and send your coins, they will be credited to your account after a number of confirmations.

Adding and withdrawing of USD and Euro is via Liberty Reserve. The interface is automated hence your transactions are immediately debited or credited to your accounts.


Trading features are:

  • Buy and Sell orders
  • Buy and sell stop-orders
  • Options
  • Loans

A flexible trading mechanism allowed the trading of any possible P2P currency pairs.


The transaction fees are (at the time of writing this article) 0.5%

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