Is it illegal to access the hidden web?

Claiming that the hidden web is fundamentally illegal corresponds to a one-sided view that does not take into account the benefits of anonymity on the Internet for people who do not have criminal activities in mind.

It can also be an important tool of encrypted communication and journalistic reporting. Especially in countries where politics tries to suppress critical opinions, the hidden web can make a decisive contribution to freedom of expression.

Is there a difference between the deep and the dark web?

Yes, see this post “Deep Dark Web – The Introduction”

Is the hidden web only interesting for criminals?

The hidden web was developed by people for whom privacy is still a fundamental concern. Not only those who want a freer drug policy, but also cryptography and privacy experts and those worried about excessive surveillance. It is easy to argue in Germany that an anonymous space on the internet is dangerous, but other countries do not consider it so liberal with freedom of expression. Activists, opposition, freedom and civil rights activists in totalitarian states are dependent on methods and networks with which data can be encrypted and transmitted.

So anyone who does research in the hidden web in areas such as politics, social sciences or computer science can make interesting contacts here and find many materials. Even for investigative journalists, the Darknet treasure trove and retreat can be at the same time. But if you’re looking for hired killers, counterfeit money, credit card details, or other dodgy stupidities, you’ll find plenty of ways to send your Bitcoins to scammers at the other end of the world.

Is the Darknet access legal?

Legally, using an anonymization service and looking around the darknet is not a problem. Even on sites where we are offered illegal substances, everyone can look around. Only with actual trade is one punishable. Whether one lands on lists of intelligence services or law enforcement agencies of different states, however, can not be ruled out. Such markets are often under covert surveillance. 

The download of child pornography already takes place when visiting corresponding websites and is a clearly punishable offense. No one will seriously believe the excuse of having accidentally landed on such sites.

Am I really anonymous in the hidden web?

Total anonymity is not 100% achievable even in Darknet. Years ago, Edward Snowden and Co. uncovered that states use all means to gather data masses via internet and hidden web users. Finding out the origin of a user is made difficult by Tor, but it is not impossible. Especially if you send real personal data that should be decrypted elsewhere.

Many hidden web users do not trust Microsoft & Co., which is why they use privacy-driven operating systems like the Linux-based TAILS. A VPN can also be connected upstream for additional concealment.

Can I get a criminal complaint for ordering drugs in Darknet?

It is of course, possible for a third party to file a complaint with the police or the prosecutor if they learn that narcotics have been ordered in Darknet.

A criminal complaint can reimburse any person who becomes aware of the suspicion of a criminal offense.

As a rule, however, in the case of crimes in the Darknet, the police and prosecutors generally become aware of the purchaser on the basis of their own investigations. For such investigations on their own initiative, the police authorities sometimes maintain separate investigation units.

What if there’s a suspicion of a drug trade?

f there is a suspicion that a person has ordered narcotic drugs in Darknet, a house search will be legally permissible under certain circumstances. In practice, however, the situation is such that a house search usually does not take place. A guarantee does not exist. Above all, the decisive factor will be the quantity of drugs ordered and how far back the last order goes.

A house search is only permissible if there is a reasonable assumption that narcotics are also found. Furthermore, a house search would be disproportionate for very small quantities and therefore unlawful.

However, if the investigating authorities come to the conclusion that larger quantities of narcotics have been ordered in a not very long time ago and it is therefore to be assumed that the purchaser hereby wishes to trade for himself, then a house search is probable.

If they are suspected of trading narcotics on the Darknet, a house search in the field is likely. If there is a house search, it must be checked whether the search warrant has been issued lawfully and whether discovered evidence can be used in a later criminal proceedings.

Which pages can I visit in the hidden web?

There is a lot of hidden web content that has nothing to do with criminal activity. Here are some of them.

The Dark Side of Facebook? No, Facebook is blocked in some countries, so the social network has gained a .onion address that can be accessed from any point in the world. A challenge against state censorship.

is one of the largest communities in the hidden web. The presentation is similar to Facebook, but there are no restrictions on the content. Be careful when scrolling is required!

Torch Search Engine
For a long time the name of the go-to search engine was Darknet Grams. Your operator has recently removed these from the network. An alternative is called Torch and brings only Onion results on the screen.

Pro Publica
is a Pulitzer Prize-winning non-profit organization for investigative journalism. It is also one of the first news sites with hidden web presence.

Deep Web Radio
Music in deep web? This web radio provides users around the clock with a variety of music genres.

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