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Here’s a little update from us regarding was seized on the 7th of May 2019. Both the hidden web service and the clearnet website were seized.

What happened?

DeepDotWeb offered referral links to darknet marketplaces like Dream Market in exchange for $ (Cryptocurrency).Over those marketplaces buyers are able to buy drugs, weapons, credit cards and such – basically everything that’s considered illegal.

The Operation

In a joint action by several international police authorities, a major directory service for the so-called Darknet has been closed down. Several countries have been arrested in connection with the Deepdotweb project. This is from a report in the Times of Israel.

The investigation took place under the auspices of the US Federal Police FBI. Also from the German side one was involved by the Federal Criminal Police Office in the case. However, on a rather limited scale, as some parts of the infrastructure were located on German territory – in other words servers at a local hoster – there were no personal ties.

For example, this was different in Israel, where two suspects were arrested. But there are also arrests in France, the Netherlands and Brazil. Which roles the individual users are attributed here, has not yet become known. The action is, however, in a striking temporal proximity to the decommissioning of the Darkweb marketplace “Wall Street Market”.

No goods were traded on itself, but instead the site provided a directory of Darknet marketplaces that can only be reached behind complicated addresses by using the Tor anonymization service. The site thus functioned as a kind of gateway to the commercial portals, which offered, among other things, drugs, spied data, fake documents and malicious software. For the links, the operators have apparently required money and thus taken millions of dollars, it is now in the reports of the arrests.

Was it worth it?

If the providers are convited they are charged with up to 15 years in prison. Was it really worth it?

How f*cked are they really?

Well, this is all likely going to fall under the “facilitating” and “AML” (anti-money laundering) categories, since all of their darknet market links were referral codes. They were making money off an illegal enterprise by referring users and collecting their commissions from the site in Bitcoin.

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