OnionShare 2.1 - Sharing Files Anonymously

Disclaimer: We have used mostly original content for this article so the meaning and the process are not changed through different words and the meaning behind the concept stays the same.

OnionShare has gone viral over the past few months. What it exactly is, how it works and what awesome things you can do with it will we cover in this article.

Further, we will provide you with the full installation guide for all supported operating systems. Buckle up!

What is OnionShare?

OnionShare is an open source tool for securely and anonymously sending and receiving files using Tor onion services. It works by starting a web server directly on your computer and making it accessible as an unguessable Tor web address that others can load in Tor Browser to download files from you, or upload files to you. It doesn’t require setting up a separate server, using a third party file-sharing service, or even logging into an account.

Unlike services like email, Google Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer, or nearly any other way people typically send files to each other, when you use OnionShare you don’t give any companies access to the files that you’re sharing. So long as you share the unguessable web address in a secure way (like pasting it in an encrypted messaging app), no one but you and the person you’re sharing with can access the files.

How does it work?

A web server is started, making OnionShare accessible as a Tor Onion Service, potentially temporarily or in a stealthy manner, over the Internet. An unguessable address is generated and is shared for the recipient to open in the Tor Browser to download the files. No separate server or third party file-sharing service required. You host the files on your own computer.

Download & Installation

This section of the article explains the download and installation process of OnionShare.

At any time we recommend you to use the newest release of OnionShare. It contains bug fixes, vulnerability closures and overall improvements to both the interface and the working system.

The downloadable packages are always signed by the developer ‘Micah Lee’, using a valid developer certificate.

OnionShare 2.1 is the newest version of the software.


Download the lastest release

Download the lastest version (2.1): https://onionshare.org/dist/

Complete the installation guide

By using the link above you will be redirected to the offical OnionShare download directory from where you can download the lastest version.

Connect to the TOR network

After completing the installation, open the start menu and type in “OnionShare” to start using the software. OnionShare will try to connect to the TOR network.

Start Sharing!

You’re done! All you need to do now is drag & drop a file you want to share and press the large green button “Start sharing”. Once th upload of the file is done a .onion address will be created.

Anyone with this OnionShare address can download your files using the Tor Browser. Keep in mind that the onion address is only reachable as long as you are sharing it via OnionShare. Closing OnionShare will result in disabling others to use your share link.

Happy sharing!


Download the lastest version (2.1): https://onionshare.org/dist/


Download the lastest version (2.1): https://onionshare.org/dist/

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:micahflee/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install onionshare


Download the lastest version (2.1): https://onionshare.org/dist/

On Fedora, install from Software or open a terminal and type:

sudo dnf install onionshare

Other Linux

Follow these build instructions to install build from the source code.

You may also need to check the Linux Distribution Support document for help with your specific Linux distro’s release and dependent packages.

Helpful Links

User Guide

Connect to Tor: https://github.com/micahflee/onionshare/wiki/Connecting-to-Tor