About OpenNIC

OpenNIC (also referred to as the OpenNIC Project) is a user owned and controlled top-level Network Information Center offering a non-national alternative to traditional Top-Level Domain (TLD) registries; such as ICANN.

OpenNIC describes itself as “an alternative DNS provider that is open and democratic” particularly for people who “are … concerned about censorship”. They maintain a large number of DNS servers in various countries around the world.

Use of OpenNIC DNS servers, enables host name resolution in the Legacy U.S. Government DNS, OpenNIC operated namespaces, and namespaces the OpenNIC has peering agreements with.

OpenNIC – Namespaces

.bbs – Bulletin Board System Servers

.chan – Imageboards and related communities (like 4chan)

.cyb – Cyberpunk-related content

.free – Organizations that support non-commercial use of free internet

.dyn – Dynamic DNS pointers

.geek – Geeky and nerdy stuff

.gopher – Content delivery using the gopher protocol

.indy – Indy media and arts-related sites

.libre – Similar to .free

.null – Completely non-commercial and only natural persons

.o – General purpose

.oss – Exclusively for Open Source Software

.oz – Australian websites (alt-ccTLD)

.neo General purpose (might include Keanu Reeves)

.parody – This domain is a venue for non-commercial parody work

.pirate –  Internet freedom and sharing

OpenNIC Peering Agreements

.bazar – Free marketplace

.bit – Namecoin systems, websites and services

.coin – digital currency and commerce use

.emc – websites associated with the Emercoin project

.fur – Furries, Furry Fandom and other anthropomorphic interest websites

.ku – Kurdish people

.lib – From words library and liberty, knowledge and freedo

.te – Tamil Eelam

.ti – Tibet

.uu – Uyghur people