An user posted the “Rabbit Hole” puzzle into the /r/deepweb subreddit.

Hidden Link: http://u2zhgp7xzwxurwwt.onion/

Source Code of http://u2zhgp7xzwxurwwt.onion/

This is the source code of the index.html file, the main page of the puzzle. The reason the user only sees the image of the rabbit and not the text “/ifollow.html” is because the background color is black.

One way to see the text is to highlight the page content or another way to look in the source code.


Content of http://u2zhgp7xzwxurwwt.onion/ifollow.html

This page shows a text as seen below. Hidden in the text is another link, but something seems to be missing. “/….html”. 4 dots, one indicating that this is another page the user can view.

The shown text is written as a question, so the user is required to answer the question. Since we have the remaining 3 dots left, the correct answer is “yes” (3 letters) rather than “no” (2 letters).

Now you found other piece of the puzzle, the site /yes.html”.


Content of http://u2zhgp7xzwxurwwt.onion/yes.html

The user receives another piece of text. Again, hidden in the black background the user will find a string of letters. This string is a valid bitcoin address: 36se4gsbSfye8q6APddEoMvWS5ifG2Mzyb

The last update on the rabbit hole puzzle was given us by a user called ‘Yuuki’ in mid September ’19. Thanks for reaching out to us!

One line of code has been changed in the source code (marked in bold)
<p class=“iseethestars”><i>36se4gsbSfye8q6APddEoMvWS5ifG2Mzyb</i></p

A new line of code was added to the source code as seen below.
<p class=”moonguideme“>the journey has just started</p>


What’s next?

At this point we are left with the Bitcoin Address as well as one changed line of code and one new line of code.

Why you should be careful

As for those who have made it this far, congratulations. It’s not known what will be next as no one has sent any amount to the Bitcoin address yet.

At this point we at Onionspot can only warn you since we are not completely sure if this is a legit hunt.

We will update you on the puzzle progress as soon as something else comes up!