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Since Onionspot is funded by the community, the team has decided to make the statistics available for everyone.

The start of development was the 9th of April 2019. As of September 2019, Onionspot has approx. 14,000 monthly visits totalling over 70,000 page views per month.

We are very happy about these numbers. Nevertheless we hope we can go beyond the sky and someday be the Number 1 educational website for the hidden web with the highest trust rate.

Does Onionspot provide illegal information?

Everything on Onionspot should only be used for educational purposes. Of course we can not tell the user what to do with the data. Our team is reviewing every single post on Onionspot carefully so that any mistakes or bad content is removed asap.

Since Day 1 it has been the goal to pass on valuable information to the end user. This will always be our goal. Further we do not use any referral links which could allow us to profit on any illegal activities made by users around the globe.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]


The smallest donation will drive our motivation even higher to make Onionspot the content richest, most used and trusted platform there is.

We want to thank you for deciding to use us over our competitors. A huge thank you in case you decide to donate parts of your earned money to us. We appreciate it.

ERC-20 Address: 0x82A937597727C7f8cdE121e448FD3eA2fdFF797d

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