The Red Room – A Myth?

First of all, we don’t like to cover topics like that but since there’s heaps of confusion about it we will.

For those who have already dived into the deep or dark web: You probably have heard of the so called “Red Room”. What a red room is, what people say happens in one session and what we found out will be told in this post.

This post covers the process, the problems and technical problems for the “Red Rooms”.

What is a “Red Room”?

To start with the basics – what’s a red room?

It’s a session that consists of two main compontents:

  1. A room
  2. Torture equipment

The session takes place in a hidden place. People on the hidden web pay Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) in exchange for seeing people (the slaves) getting tortured. Users may make requests in exchange for Bitcoin. There’s nothing funny about that. It’s bloody serious.

Further a session consits of two payment requests:

  1. Payment to get access to the session
  2. Payment to request different torture techniques

It’s fucked in the head, that’s all we can tell you.

Influencers on YouTube

YouTubers make their daily living with views and subscribers. It doesn’t matter how. Just the right amount of views have to be reached as their own set goals. That’s what matters cause that’s where the money’s at.

Some YouTubers have covered the topic “deep web” or “dark web” in some of their videos. “The Red Room is Real!!”, “I entered a red room – DO NOT ATTEMPT”, just to cover a few titles of the hundreds of videos on YouTube.

We recon that those YouTubers may have visited the red room hidden service, but not entered the red room. Red rooms = Bitcoin. No Bitcoin, no access. Simple. For comparison, 1 Bitcoin is currently priced at around 6,000 USD.

Fact: Red Rooms might have been a thing, but aren’t anymore

Yes, we believe that red rooms might have been a thing 5-8 years ago. The reason why we think this is simply because of the Bitcoin price. The Bitcoin price back then was much much lower and it would have made more sense.

Most red rooms cost 0.6 to 2 Bitcoin to grant access to ONLY to the session. At current prices that’s 4,000 to 12,000 USD.

Our Research

We have taken an example red room (no link provided) that has been a hidden service for more than 5 years. It’s most likely the most well-known hidden service in this category.

Red room services usually take a cruel background image to get people to their service. The darker, the creepier.

The Process

  1. Users visit a red room hidden service
  2. Users spent a certain amount of Bitcoin (mostly Bitcoin, in rare cases Monero) for granting apparent access to the session
  3. The service confirms that the payment has entered the corresponding account (through what?)
  4. Users are getting access to the session

The Problem

According to the hidden service, the user wanting to enter the session needs to pay the given Bitcoin amount to the given Bitcoin address. After the payment was received, the user will be redirected into the session. And that’s where the problem is.

A hidden service can not detect what user has done what payment unless the user has entered account information (e.g. username and password). It’s just like on real life websites.

This is the process for people who are not blockchain savvy. The process of making a payment in Bitcoin is build up like this:

  1. Sender uses his Bitcoin wallet (either locally or an online wallet)
  2. Sender makes payment
  3. Sender waits for the payment to be processed
  4. Receiver receives Bitcoin

The sender has to use an external source to make the payment since you can’t make payments on the red room site directly.

Therefore, those “red rooms” that “wait” for your payment to be processed are complete bullshit. It’s not possible. There’s no legit way to do this. The TOR browser is meant for users surfing anonymously meaning no tracking of personal information nor cookies nor anything. It’s not possible.

Unfortunately we are unable to track the Bitcoin address movements since every user visit generates a new Bitcoin address. This is a smart move from the providers to cover up their traces.

The Codebase

We did take a closer look at the code base. A code base includes all the files that are used to create the hidden service or in general a website. We managed to get access to the php files used and we can fully assure you that those php files do not include any triggers or such.

It’s a basic build, everything is hardcoded.


Even if red rooms have been a thing once, they are outdated. Very outdated. And we are happy about that. Red rooms should not exist at all. We are aware that some of you have visited red rooms already and might have told the one or other person about it.

Pages that are specialising on the hidden web (mostly dark web) have links to those red rooms which we find sick in the head to be honest.


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