Wall Street Market Seized

The take down of Wall Street Market, the second biggest marketplace service in the hidden web

Wall Street Market Gone

Investigators of the Federal Criminal Police Office, together with investigators from the USA and the,  arrested the operators of the world’s second largest marketplace in the Darknet. Above all, drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis and amphetamines, but also fake identity cards and stolen data were traded on the Wall Street Market platform, said the Attorney General Frankfurt am Main and the BKA. The investigators had detained three suspects after Easter, who had been taken into custody. The 31, 29 and 22 year olds are said to have operated the illegal online market. The servers of the online market were confiscated, the marketplace switched off.

Recently, around 63,000 sales offers had been closed and more than 1,150,000 customer accounts and about 5,400 sellers registered. Wall Street Market was taken down on the 2nd of May 2019.

Who Was Caught?

The suspects from Hessen, Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia are said to have received commission payments amounting to two to six percent of the sales value for handling the sales.

Wall Street Market – The Good Side

According to recent findings, no weapons were offered on the Wall Street Market, unlike other platforms, said the prosecutor. “There were written instructions on what things were banned on this platform, and included weapons, but also, for example, child pornography.”

Wall Street Market – The Bad Side

Wall Street Market did some f*cked up shit. The administrators switched Wall Street Market into maintenance mode on 23 April 2019, then began transferring customers’ funds to their own addresses. Customers and buyers did not respond well to the news, which the admins posted on Friday, 26 April, and which said that the “maintenance” would last a week. According to some sources the sum of the apparent exit scam was around 14 million US-Dollar.

One Admin Risking It – For Nothing

One of the site’s moderators who was known as “Med3l1n” started blackmailing Wall Street Market vendors and buyers, demanding 0.05 Bitcoin (at the current rate around $300) in payment. Otherwise, Med3l1n threatened to tell authorities information about vendors and buyers who’d shared their details in unencrypted support requests.

His threat wasn’t just made up. Med3l1n leaked the login credentials and the IP address (located in the Netherlands) for the WSM backend on Dread, a Reddit-like community for hidden web users. seized

Update December 2019: Darknet Marketplaces